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PODCAST: Taylor talks with Strength Matters about Brain-based Training

(image: directly from Strength Matters Podcast announcement)

We are excited to announce a podcast Taylor did with Josh of Strength Matters in April 2018!

This was Taylor's very first podcast and I think he smashed it!

Find the podcast on Strength Matters where you can listen directly...

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The Infinity Walk can help with pain in addition to performance!

TMP | Client Testimonial from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Here’s an amazing testimonial from one of our favorites. We call this the one and done! She came in with knee pain and after two drills (one of them was The Infinity Run seen here) she was ready to get back to her marathon...

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Why do we love the infinity walk as a high performance drill?


We are so pumped for you to try The Infinity Walk! We have seen it eliminate people’s pain and instantly improve their performance. If you’re tired of handing your client a weight and turning a blind eye every time they lose their balance you’ve got to try this!

Be sure to...

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It is important to train sensory input after an injury or surgery

TMP | Sensory Training from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Sensory before Motor!

One of the most neglected and generally unknown concepts is that having a good sensory system is integral for health and performance.

If you've ever had a surgery or reoccurring injury it is likely that you have some...

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Focus on these 4 areas to drastically improve health and performance

Want to know how to drastically improve a persons health and performance?

I mean instantly!

Focus on areas of the body that have the most joints and sense the most information.


The hands, feet, spine and cranium!

These are all areas that consistently help our clients and athletes eliminate...

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ACL recovery training for a collegiate football player

Next level ACL recovery training from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.

Adding layers of complexity for this football player and his recovery from ACL repair.

Oftentimes, recovery is unfinished and the athlete is left with a very high risk of repeating injury.

Integrating visual skills with high levels of...

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Here is my all-time favorite core strengthening exercise!

Favorite core exercise - Banded Lumbar Circle from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Here is my all-time favorite core strengthening exercise!

The Banded Lumbar Circle.

  1. Secure your band and get into a lateral lunge.
  2. Begin by laterally flexing the spine and slowly moving in a full circle returning...
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Why we use vision, vestibular, and proprioceptive drills for better performance

Yesterday, we were teaching a movement workshop introducing some new ideas and concepts to martial artists.

Many of the drills I taught emphasized the idea that our brain will perform better when given external goals.

There is also a greater opportunity for learning.

We did a lot of integrated...

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Taylor's weekend movement seminar with local martial artists

Movement seminar for martial artists | TMP from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Put me in a room with wall to wall mats and I feel at home.

Working with wrestlers and martial artists is always special.

They appreciate working on the little things that create the big things!

Looking forward to...

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Practice FIVE Neuro-Performance Drills

Learn why respiration, vision, vestibular, and complex movement integrations are essential tools for every coach!