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Breath Training as a way to reverse years of chronic stress


This is my reality right now. 

In this video, I am performing recovery drills to reverse the damage of many years of chronic stress. 

Exercises from the video:

  • Bag breathing
  • Convergence + right side trigeminal nerve (bite) + right side olfaction (smell) for  cranial nerve...
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If you are chronically tight you might have a breathing problem

Sitting here working on our next big project - A beginners guide to improving your breathing! Coming in Jan 2018

Do you feel tight all of the time? Regardless of how active you are? Here’s the thing... Exercise and training should never result in more tightness. If it does, it’s...

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What kind of pain are you describing?

There are many different kinds of pain.

Understanding some of the presentations and behaviors that go with pain can help you dial in your client and athlete sessions better!

It can also help you decide if you need to make a referral.

There are two very important presentations that every...

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Vision and breath training post-double lung transplant

Using applied neurology to retrain breathing and vision from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Some people are clients.

Some people are students.

I jokingly say to my students, "I'm trying to entertain you long enough so that I can really help you!"

Because, real changes in health don't come from a...

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9 signs your metabolic health might be preventing results

One of the most challenging parts of my job - educating and guiding people to a place where they can discover their own limitations and challenges.

Once they discover, they are more likely to ask for what they need instead of what they want.

There are a lot of people trying to fix their health...

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Practice FIVE Neuro-Performance Drills

Learn why respiration, vision, vestibular, and complex movement integrations are essential tools for every coach!