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Health and Performance Education

We believe that there are trainers out there just like us who want to provide the best quality service to their clients. We like to help trainers sift through conflicting information about what it takes to get their clients results and we pull from 10+ years of practice!

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We like to help people sift through conflicting information about what it takes to be a healthy and high performing individual.


What is pain? Can you train your way out of pain? What does injury prevention really mean? 

Pain does not equal injury and injury does not equal pain.

We specialize in providing pain education and equipping you with the tools you need to train smart and pain-free.



Did you know that you can be too healthy to receive help from traditional healthcare practices? We call this category, "sub-clinical."

This means you feel like something is wrong but cannot find anyone to explain it.

We specialize in helping people recognize signs and symptoms that are trainable or that may need a specific referral. 


Do you train your vision? Do you train your vestibular (balance) system? What is your breathing capacity? How well do you move?

The quality of your performance depends on how well you see, balance, breathe, & move.

We specialize in teaching performance skills that will keep you progressing and performing at your best.  

What we believe

We believe that health is a very personal experience for everyone and we want to equip you with the tools needed to individualize your health and performance program!

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Transform your education on health and fitness with industry leading pieces on breath training, sports vision, balance training, and how health plays a role in performance.


Find out what some of our clients have to say about KRUSE ELITE!

"Improving my breathing has completely changed my ability to exercise! I no longer have to use my inhaler! Previously I would have to take daily inhaler and then an emergency one before and during cardio exercise. I wouldn’t be in this place without you guys!"

Kelly D.

"Alisha and Taylor at The Movement Project have transformed my idea of what a workout is. Their passion in the work and drive for knowledge radiate through them each time I meet with them for a session. They have helped me find a confidence in myself that I never had before."

Katie G.

"Taylor is a master puzzle solver! Throughout my one-hour session with him, my knee pain is gone! The things that he has me doing are not what you would think of as a typical workout or training session. I’m so grateful for what he does to help keep me healthy so that I can run! "

Karen C.

"Once I learned to breathe better I had a desire to go to bed for the first time in 20 years! Previously I suffered from insomnia. All of that has changed now and for the first time in 20 years I can finally sleep well enough to have dreams again!"

Laurie F.


We like to serve people who are on the HUNT for new and better exercises. If your mission is to be in the top 1% of your field, then our mission is to serve you with content that can get you there.

Online Membership with Taylor Kruse

Receive access to a new exercise every week. With each exercise, we give exact coaching cues and common mistakes so t...

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Master Balance Training with The Infinity Walk

When Men's Health asked Taylor to contribute his #1 exercise for their Innovation Issue, we immediately chose the exe...

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In-Person Sessions with Taylor or Alisha

Interested in an individualized approach to health and performance? Need help understanding your goals, obstacles, a...

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We are so proud and excited of our features in local news all the way up to national publications. Check them out below!

Taylor Kruse Featured in Men's Health Magazine

in the September 2017 Innovation issue! He chose his favorite, go-to exercise for improving balance, vision, and mobility all in one shot - The Infinity Walk! Stay tuned for a free downloadable of our instructional guide to The Infinity Walk! Coming Soon!

Featured in the Boston Voyager

Taylor and Alisha were featured in the Boston Voyager as one of Boston's most inspiring stories! We are truly honored to be included amongst many of Boston's local entrepreneurs who are sharing their passions!

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Taylor Kruse featured in ReebokONE photoshoot

In 2015 Taylor was asked to participate in a photoshoot for the reebok catalog and was also asked to contribute a piece on the physiological benefits of training in the water. 

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Our 1st feature in a local newspaper

We had our first press release in the Sudbury Town Crier recently!

A nice article titled, One Size Does Not Fit all in Fitness Training and Recovery, written by Greg Gammons. Greg is a wellness educator and coach at Lincoln Sudbury High School.

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What We Believe

We believe that there are people out there just like us who want to be the absolute best at what they do. We want to surround ourselves with individuals who are relentless about health, movement, and quality of life. And, we deliver programs that that match the highest expectations.


Learn How Eye Position Can Instantly Improve Strength & Mobility!

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