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PODCAST: Taylor talks with Strength Matters about Brain-based Training

education podcast Nov 21, 2018

(image: directly from Strength Matters Podcast announcement)

We are excited to announce a podcast Taylor did with Josh of Strength Matters in April 2018!

This was Taylor's very first podcast and I think he smashed it!

Find the podcast on Strength Matters where you can listen directly from their site or access the iTunes link. The Podcast is titled: The Importance of Balance And How To Fix It and is Season 1, Episode 44 with Taylor Kruse.

If you ever wondered how to truly train balance without just balancing on one leg, this episode is for you.

Taylor talks all about:

  • The vestibular system and it's roll in balance
  • Why every athlete should train their vestibular system
  • How to assess if you might need vestibular training and how to train the vestibular system before your workouts
  • How vision, vestibular, and mobility training can improve anything from your squat, deadlift, and even cartwheels and other calisthenics. 
  • The complexity of back pain and how it might have nothing to do with where you feel it
  • Pain doesn't necessarily live in the body part where you feel it
  • How to improve a squat by training other senses like vision, vestibular, proprioceptive and even sound and taste!

You'll also learn about: 

We hope you enjoy this episode! 

About the Author:

Alisha Hale pulls from over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry to provide you with the tools needed to reach your best health.

Alisha is a Personal Trainer and a Board Certified & Licensed Acupuncturist and is particularly passionate about combining Acupuncture and movement coaching to help young women through their pre and post natal journey, fertility challenges, menstrual irregularities, metabolic issues, thyroid problems, pain, asthma, and allergies.

In 2013, she co-founded KRUSE ELITE with boyfriend, Taylor Kruse. Both are dedicated to inspiring people, coaches, and trainers into their best health and performance.





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