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Let's Start 2018 with a Motivational Mindset

It is that time of year when we all reflect on our successes and our failures - weighing the two on a scale that teeter totters between good and bad. 

Before we get caught up in that mindset, I challenge you to get off the scale and instead, make a list of all of your successes. What worked...

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2017 highlight reel of TMP training and what we believe

What We Believe - 2017 from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


As we approach 2018, we wanted to put together a highlight reel that represents our year of work and offers a small glimpse into why we do what we do.

We believe that a person’s health is a very personal experience and that everyone...

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Are you ok if it takes 10 years to reach your dreams?

motivation our stories Oct 01, 2017

Brendon asked the audience to stand if the answer to this question was yes.

We both stood.

He said, "if you didn't stand, your dreams aren't big enough."

The truth is, we both have been working towards our dreams for greater than 10 years as individuals, and 4 years as a couple.

And we are both...

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Training teen athletes is so much more than just fitness

TMP | fitness from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


To say I'm proud is an understatement.

This chick is a rockstar!

If you could only see how far she has come.

16 years old!

Started when she was 14.

Her secret?

She lives in the moment and shows up every freaking time.

No cell phone distractions.


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What do you do if your health or movement problems are "functional?"

health motivation recovery May 15, 2017

Approximately 33% of traditional neurologic consults result in a medical diagnosis of "functional neurologic deficits."

This means they are suffering from issues that have no identifiable cause.

They are not broken enough according to standard guidelines.

People who suffer from undetected...

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The secret to success is overcoming your habitual quitting place

If I have success, what does that mean? And, how am I going to live up to it again?

Sound like a familiar inner voice?

The ones who conquer it, hear it loud and clear.

They know it exists but they do not surrender.

The ones who are defeated by it usually never hear it in the first place.

It has...

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Are you motivating or enabling your clients?

education health motivation Mar 14, 2017

Are your clients renting your motivation?

This is perfectly acceptable at first.

People want to work with you because they see a healthy, motivated, intelligent professional and they want to feel these feelings too.

But beware!

If you continue to allow them to rent your motivation it will likely...

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Quotes for inspiration: Featuring Henry Ford

Riding the train back to Boston after another amazing experience with Zhealth Performance.

It's been 10 years since Alisha and I started working as fitness professionals.

The industry is cut throat and quite frankly, it breaks people physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A gratifying...

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Quotes from our Mentors: Featuring Mike Golden

education motivation quotes Feb 15, 2017

You have to appreciate having a teacher that feels this way!

Lead Z Health instructor, Mike Golden, is still in pursuit of "better."


How do you achieve this?

Not by practicing all the same stuff everyone else is.

Look at the big movement, pause it, remove the subtle error,...

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