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Integrate the figure 8 into your training to maximize movement options

Infinity from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Limitless or endless in space, extent, or size. Impossible to measure or calculate.

This is the Infinity or the Figure 8.

Your body is designed to produce this shape. Do you? Can you? Your eyes designed to own it. Your vestibular system designed to...

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How do you decide between bilateral vs. unilateral exercises?

You need to earn your right to exercise bilaterally! What is bilateral exercise? Think squat, push up, burpee, plank. Simply put, both sides of the body engaged in the same movement.

Why do you have to earn it? Because many people are not healthy enough to produce quality bilateral exercise....

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Mobility is the new stretching only better

Move your joints! from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Have you heard? Joint mobility is the new stretching! Why? Because we’re getting smarter!

Here are three ways to instantly decrease brain activation. (I’m being a wise ass!  You don’t want to do this.)

1. Stop moving.


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One key point that you need to know for training strength

performance strength Aug 01, 2017

True strength is found in a circle!

The shape that you can or cannot create with your body tells a story!

When we evaluate athletes we call it "Arches vs Angles."

Arches are circular and transfer power.

Angles are linear and leak power.

When you're designing exercise or evaluating movement,...

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Linear strength is limited | Circular strength is infinite

Strength is found in the circle | TMP from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Linear strength is limited.

Circular strength is infinite.

You haven't felt true strength until you've put your hands on someone who owns it in a perfect circle from all positions.

See video for demo of circular strength.


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Learn the Top 4 Performance Drills We Teach All of our Athletes

We have a 4 Pillars of Performance model which includes drills from these 4 categories: Breathing, Vision, Vestibular (Balance), and Quality Movement. In this lesson, you will learn one drill from each of these 4 categories. Drop your name and email to grab these drill before they expire at the end of the month!