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Breath Training as a way to reverse years of chronic stress


This is my reality right now. 

In this video, I am performing recovery drills to reverse the damage of many years of chronic stress. 

Exercises from the video:

  • Bag breathing
  • Convergence + right side trigeminal nerve (bite) + right side olfaction (smell) for  cranial nerve...
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Our Christmas morning workout in the snow

Christmas clubs from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


A little movement today in a winter wonderland. 

Merry Christmas. 


About the Author:

Taylor Kruse, recently featured in Men's Health, is dedicated to empowering you with the truth and tools for improved health and performance.

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2017 highlight reel of TMP training and what we believe

What We Believe - 2017 from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


As we approach 2018, we wanted to put together a highlight reel that represents our year of work and offers a small glimpse into why we do what we do.

We believe that a person’s health is a very personal experience and that everyone...

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Sharing memories on our 4 year anniversary

health our stories results Nov 01, 2017

On this day 4 years ago, only 6 months after we started dating, we packed up Taylor’s Suburu with every piece of equipment we owned for our new business and drove 30 minutes from our brand new apartment to our new studio to begin a journey unforeseen. We boldly (and blindly) walked through...

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Testimonial on improving breathing for asthma management

Here is what one of our favorite people has to say about her experience with TMP! She’s look’n good, isn’t she!! 

“Improving my breathing has completely changed my ability to exercise! I no longer have to use my inhaler! Previously I would have to take a daily...

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Insight into the growth of our business over the last 4 years

our stories Oct 29, 2017

We are coming up on our 4 year anniversary for TMP breaking ground. Have you ever started a new venture that was really just a big giant leap of faith but you trusted your gut anyway?

This was TMP for us. A big giant leap of faith. We have a lot of heart and a huge amount of ambition for learning...

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Are you ok if it takes 10 years to reach your dreams?

motivation our stories Oct 01, 2017

Brendon asked the audience to stand if the answer to this question was yes.

We both stood.

He said, "if you didn't stand, your dreams aren't big enough."

The truth is, we both have been working towards our dreams for greater than 10 years as individuals, and 4 years as a couple.

And we are both...

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Celebrating the last day at TMP for this high school athlete!

I call her "MY FAVORITE."

And, it is with mixed emotions that we send her off to school today.

Emmy (my favorite) has been working with us 3.5 years!

TMP has has only been open for 4 years.

So, it is the truth to say that Emmy IS The Movement Project!

We witnessed a transformation in this young...

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TMP featured as one of the most inspiring stories in Boston Voyager

media our stories Aug 14, 2017

Almost a year ago we took this crazy picture as a 3 year celebration.

Little did we know that our business would blow up in 2017.

On January 1st we did a post titled - the year of The Movement Project because we could feel the potential.

We didn't know what was to come but we knew that we had...

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Taylor Kruse featured in Men's Health Magazine's September 2017 Issue

We are excited to announce that I was featured in the September "Innovation Issue" of Men's Health Magazine!

I am really grateful to @menshealthmag for the opportunity.

It's not everyday that you get to share something so unique and different on such a large scale!

And to share the...

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Learn the Top 4 Performance Drills We Teach All of our Athletes

We have a 4 Pillars of Performance model which includes drills from these 4 categories: Breathing, Vision, Vestibular (Balance), and Quality Movement. In this lesson, you will learn one drill from each of these 4 categories. Drop your name and email to grab these drill before they expire at the end of the month!