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PODCAST: Taylor talks with Strength Matters about Brain-based Training

(image: directly from Strength Matters Podcast announcement)

We are excited to announce a podcast Taylor did with Josh of Strength Matters in April 2018!

This was Taylor's very first podcast and I think he smashed it!

Find the podcast on Strength Matters where you can listen directly...

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Podcast: A Neuro-Centric Approach with Taylor Kruse (Hosted by: Integrate Yourself)

Taylor had the pleasure of being interviewed by Allison Pelot & Maja Gottlieb of the Integrate Yourself Podcast. 

In this episode, Taylor was able to talk about why vision and vestibular training is so important, the impact pain can have on individuals and why understanding their history...

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The Infinity Walk can help with pain in addition to performance!

TMP | Client Testimonial from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Here’s an amazing testimonial from one of our favorites. We call this the one and done! She came in with knee pain and after two drills (one of them was The Infinity Run seen here) she was ready to get back to her marathon...

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Why do we love the infinity walk as a high performance drill?


We are so pumped for you to try The Infinity Walk! We have seen it eliminate people’s pain and instantly improve their performance. If you’re tired of handing your client a weight and turning a blind eye every time they lose their balance you’ve got to try this!

Be sure to...

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Our man Corey showing us how The Infinity Walk improves performance


Our main man Corey! Back when we were teaching him how to jump rope. Corey was originally coming from a place where he was not able to safely jump or land.

You might recognize the exercise used here. It’s The Infinity Walk!

In the video we used the power of The Infinity Walk to improve...

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True balance training requires the head and eyes to be in motion

We talk about balance all the time. But what is it really? And how do we actually train it?

Balance is a symphony of reflexive actions that stabilize the body while your head and eyes are in motion.

Your ability to keep your balance is largely mediated by your vision and vestibular systems.


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If more than 70% of movement output is vision based, have you trained?

Vision Training from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Athlete: I heard your program is crazy!

Kruse: Perhaps. Is that good?

Athlete: yeah!

Kruse: have you ever trained your vision?

Athlete: never!

Kruse: you mean in your 20-year history of being an athlete you never trained your visual skills?


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Watch a demo of vision training with these ski racer

Training for ski racing from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Just finished up a mini camp with @hbrayton3

Great work and good luck with your season!

What if you could train in a way that every single exercise made you infinitely better? We do! It’s such an advantage that sometimes it feels...

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One easy way to integrate vision training into your exercise program

Vision training made easy and fun from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Anyone can train their vision!  It’s easy and fun!

Here is the secret progression!

  • 2 eyes
  • 1 eye (right)
  • 1 eye (left)
  • 2 eyes

You can insert this template into any activity that you want to get better at!


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The Infinity Walk variations - as seen in Men's Health

Infinity Walk Variations | TMP from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


If you haven't seen it yet, download our free full-length instructional video on one of our powerhouse exercises, The Infinity Walk, as recently featured in Men's Health Magazine, the September Innovation Issue.

We use...

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