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Transform your education on health and fitness with industry leading pieces on breath training, sports vision, balance training, mobility and how health plays a role in performance. 


Neck Mobility: How to Perform Cervical Lateral Flexions

mobility Jul 18, 2018


Cervical lateral flexions appear to be a super simple drill but it is surprising the compensations that can develop. When learning and practicing cervical mobility we always start simple and progress. 

  • Begin in a tall lengthened spine
  • Start with chin level
  • Bring your ear to your...
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Neck Mobility: How to Perform Cervical Rotations

mobility Jul 18, 2018

When it comes to mobility exercises, there are a few basics we need to understand. It is important to own a full range of motion without compensating with other movements, building up unwanted muscle tension, and avoid moving into pain. 


The target for cervical rotations is from the...

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Testimonial from Alyssa Chang | One of our Monthly Coaching Members!


We are extremely fortunate to have the friendliest coaches, trainers, and athletes as part of our monthly coaching program. Each week Taylor releases a new video, detailing exercises along with education that will take your coaching and performance game to the next level. 

Alyssa Chang, a...

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If your client has low back pain have you considered a health problem?

education health pain Jan 06, 2018

I can’t even tell you how many cases of chronic lower back pain we’ve seen with absolutely no injury event to go with it.

When your lower back hurts for no obvious reason there is an underlying health problem causing it. It’s never strictly a back problem.

The unfortunate issue...

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Try this mobility drill before you do pushing or pulling exercises!

education mobility Jan 05, 2018

Scapular Camshaft from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


No matter how deep we go with our practice, owning the basics pays life long dividends.

The Scapular Cam Shaft (from Zhealth Performance) is one of our favorites for helping people to eliminate pain and reclaim mobility, coordination and...

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Try this mobility drill as prep before squats or lunges!

education mobility results Jan 04, 2018

Closed Chain Knee Circle from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


No matter how deep we go with our practice, owning the basics pays life long dividends.

The closed chain knee circle (from Zhealth Performance) is one of our favorites for helping people to eliminate pain and reclaim mobility,...

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What drives your desire to be living in your best health?

education Jan 04, 2018

As personal trainers, it is easy for our health goals to become unrelatable. For some people, it appears unreachable.

“They were born that way.” “She’s a health nut.”

The struggle that we actually go through to maintain our health can often go unseen.

My personal...

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Drastically improve skills as a movement expert by targeting inputs

education health pain Jan 03, 2018

If you are a well practiced personal trainer, coach or therapist it’s likely that you are a proprioception expert! Meaning, you teach people how to move more efficiently!

Movement is an example of an “output.” So you could say that squats, lunges, pull ups or any exercise for...

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To improve your clients performance consider movement prediction

education Jan 01, 2018

Becoming better at moving is about increasing your movement options!

With increased movement options you increase your brains ability to predict it’s environment. When the brain can predict accurately you are granted options.

When you know your environment, movement becomes less...

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Consider creating external targets to improve client performance

education health Dec 29, 2017

Ready!? Basic Neurology 101 - the nervous system does 3 things!

  1. Receives information.
  2. Interprets and decides what to do about it.
  3. Creates a motor output based on it.

The different sensory systems that our brain uses to interpret the world act like satellites that relay information back to the...

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