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Transform your education on health and fitness with industry leading pieces on breath training, sports vision, balance training, mobility and how health plays a role in performance. 


Are you training or are you exercising?

Most training systems are output based.

Let's use an Olympic lift or throwing as an example output.

Both patterns require a harmony of different movements coming together at exactly the right time.

What determines the quality of the output is the quality of the input!

More than 70% of our...

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Insight into the ongoing battle of intellectual property in fitness

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2017

A push up is just a push up.

A squat is just a squat.

Movements like these are all part of basic human performance.

We didn't discover them.

They were given to us as a gift.

They don't belong to anyone.

They were already there for us.

There are only so many ways that we can move.

Get too...

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Do you really need to warmup?

education performance Apr 02, 2017

Sounds strange, I know!

First thing to realize is that if it's taking you a long time to feel prepared enough to exercise, there are some underlying metabolic factors involved.

This is not ok!

Regardless of what our fitness culture has taught us, humans are designed to kick ass immediately when...

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Are you striving for fitness or for health?

education health Mar 28, 2017

It's funny how this works.

Being fit and being healthy are often totally separate entities for people.

I see the separation everyday from a fascinating perspective.

I assess young athletes all the time that play a year round sport but they are unable to stand on one leg.

I assess successful...

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The movement box represents your health and personal capabilities

education health pain Mar 26, 2017

The movement box represents your health, personal capabilities and options as an athlete.

When we begin life, our movement box is small.

As a person tries new things and explores more, movement quickly develops in its complexity and size.

By the time you are a young adult you might own a very...

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Movement is the vehicle to improved health

education health pain Mar 25, 2017

Movement is why we are here.

Movement is the language that our brain understands.

Regardless of a persons' problem, the right movement will open the right door to improvement.

Some forget, others have no idea.

Pain, injury, depression, digestive problems, illness, high/low blood pressure, sleep...

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The 3 Basics of body ownership and how it correlates to pain

education pain Mar 20, 2017

The 3 basics of body ownership:

  • Movement
  • Contraction
  • Breath

Everything else we do should be to support and make these things better!

I've never had a chronic pain client who was able to showcase any of these basics to me.


Not once!

Movements look ratchet-y.

Contraction maps are blurry.

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Rhythm is the magic ingredient to fitness and sport performance

education performance Mar 18, 2017

I get the same question over and over again - "what types of variables can I use to create smarter training sessions?"

Remember last time I told you to try it with your eyes closed! Well, this time I want you to try timing your favorite exercise to a beat!

You can use a metronome or even...

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Are you motivating or enabling your clients?

education health motivation Mar 14, 2017

Are your clients renting your motivation?

This is perfectly acceptable at first.

People want to work with you because they see a healthy, motivated, intelligent professional and they want to feel these feelings too.

But beware!

If you continue to allow them to rent your motivation it will likely...

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There is no separation between rehabilitation and training here at TMP

education health Mar 12, 2017

At TMP, our clients really appreciate the fact that they get to feel like athletes and not patients.

Even if they are in a recovery process from pain or injury.

To me, there is no separation between rehabilitation and training.

Everyone, at some point, has pain or limitations.

Everyone starts...

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