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One easy way to integrate vision training into your exercise program

Vision training made easy and fun from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Anyone can train their vision!  It’s easy and fun!

Here is the secret progression!

  • 2 eyes
  • 1 eye (right)
  • 1 eye (left)
  • 2 eyes

You can insert this template into any activity that you want to get better at!


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Sharing memories on our 4 year anniversary

health our stories results Nov 01, 2017

On this day 4 years ago, only 6 months after we started dating, we packed up Taylor’s Suburu with every piece of equipment we owned for our new business and drove 30 minutes from our brand new apartment to our new studio to begin a journey unforeseen. We boldly (and blindly) walked through...

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Testimonial on improving breathing for asthma management

Here is what one of our favorite people has to say about her experience with TMP! She’s look’n good, isn’t she!! 

“Improving my breathing has completely changed my ability to exercise! I no longer have to use my inhaler! Previously I would have to take a daily...

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Did you know insomnia can be linked to surgery?

education health pain results Aug 30, 2017

Your brain remembers surgery.

Your brain considers it a life threatening experience!

And, if that threat is not dismantled overtime, you could experience some negative ramifications post-surgery.

There are many variables and possibilities here.

I want to point out a few important ones.


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TMP bridges the gap between modern healthcare and performance

health performance results Aug 28, 2017

Many people discover that they are not sick or broken enough to get help from mainstream healthcare.

These people are usually not given many options.

We have designed TMP to bridge the gap that exists between modern healthcare and performance.

A place where generally healthy people can get...

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Celebrating the last day at TMP for this high school athlete!

I call her "MY FAVORITE."

And, it is with mixed emotions that we send her off to school today.

Emmy (my favorite) has been working with us 3.5 years!

TMP has has only been open for 4 years.

So, it is the truth to say that Emmy IS The Movement Project!

We witnessed a transformation in this young...

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The Infinity Walk variations - as seen in Men's Health

Infinity Walk Variations | TMP from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


If you haven't seen it yet, download our free full-length instructional video on one of our powerhouse exercises, The Infinity Walk, as recently featured in Men's Health Magazine, the September Innovation Issue.

We use...

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We get inspired by individuals like this college-level football player

In this profession, about every ten years you meet an individual that decides they want to walk beside you and have the full experience.

So, that is what I did with this young man.

When he didn't have a ride, he decided to run.

When we wasn't sure if his parents could afford it, he got a job.


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Quotes from our Mentors: Featuring Igor Burdenko on Sports Psychology

"You won't need sport psychology if you come prepared." ~ Dr. Igor Burdenko

An interesting opinion from a guy who has experienced a lot.

And, it sounds way better in a serious Russian accent!

In the past 5 years, I have encountered a few, really young athletes that told me they were working with...

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Training alternatives for an athlete with an overactive visual system

Training the senses from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Watch closely!

There is so much happening.

And, it was breakthrough for this young lacrosse player!

We are taking advantage of his excellent auditory mapping skills to improve his balance, coordination and cognitive focus.

And then using the...

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