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Transform your education on health and fitness with industry leading pieces on breath training, sports vision, balance training, mobility and how health plays a role in performance. 


Understanding sensory vs. motor drastically improves training outcomes

Sensory before motor from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.



People say to me all the time - “why didn’t i get this kind of result when i rehabbed my injury!?”

And my answer is often times the same. Because you had too significant of a sensory deficit too benefit from the...

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Can you really reset the nervous system?

The nervous system does not have a reset button!

The word reset is being used a lot within movement education and it’s very misleading. Especially because people get an image in their mind of “resetting” correlating to all their pains and issues instantly disappearing.


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How do you decide between bilateral vs. unilateral exercises?

You need to earn your right to exercise bilaterally! What is bilateral exercise? Think squat, push up, burpee, plank. Simply put, both sides of the body engaged in the same movement.

Why do you have to earn it? Because many people are not healthy enough to produce quality bilateral exercise....

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The most important factor to consider for chronically tight muscles

TENSION = PROTECTION. Chronic tension is the nervous system trying to protect itself.

Have you ever experienced chronically tight muscles? The kind of tension that just doesn’t go away and it drives you crazy!

That tension is there for a reason. We must ask the question, “why?”...

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Mobility is the new stretching only better

Move your joints! from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Have you heard? Joint mobility is the new stretching! Why? Because we’re getting smarter!

Here are three ways to instantly decrease brain activation. (I’m being a wise ass!  You don’t want to do this.)

1. Stop moving.


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Myth: All exercise is good for you | Truth: It always depends

Myth: All exercise is good for you.

Truth: It always depends.

This especially holds true when a person is experiencing pain or various limiting factors in their performance.

When I educate our general population of clients, I call pain a health problem.

When I educate my fellow nerds, fitness...

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Understanding the nervous system for training and rehab is critical

All that we are is brain derived.

All forms of training target the brain, whether you recognize it yet or not.

I love teaching this to our clients and students.

Do you have trouble with your squat?

Timing issues with an athletic movement?

Pain during a specific movement?

Balance problems?


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Are you falling through the cracks on pain or performance rehab?

Untitled from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


At TMP, we specialize in working with people who typically fall through the cracks when it comes to full rehabilitation from injury or pain.

Did you know that you can be too healthy to receive help from traditional healthcare practices?

We see many...

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Feed your brain with positivity and activation

education health Oct 05, 2017

Although I love the complicated explanation.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

The brain is a use it or lose it organ.

Stay activated for longterm health.

Keep moving, keep feeling things, keep looking at things, keep balancing, keep expressing, keep meditating (your way), keep smiling, keep...

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Understanding neurology is important for coaching behavioral change

education health Sep 22, 2017

Anyone on a similar quest as I, (to learn) can probably resonate with this concept.

We've all met "the Gurus."

Just so you know, they're usually the ones who tell you "I am not a Guru."

My pet peeve - blaming someone's psychology when you don't know enough neurology to help them.

It's more...

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