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Transform your education on health and fitness with industry leading pieces on breath training, sports vision, balance training, mobility and how health plays a role in performance. 


Rhythm is the magic ingredient to fitness and sport performance

education performance Mar 18, 2017

I get the same question over and over again - "what types of variables can I use to create smarter training sessions?"

Remember last time I told you to try it with your eyes closed! Well, this time I want you to try timing your favorite exercise to a beat!

You can use a metronome or even...

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Are you motivating or enabling your clients?

education health motivation Mar 14, 2017

Are your clients renting your motivation?

This is perfectly acceptable at first.

People want to work with you because they see a healthy, motivated, intelligent professional and they want to feel these feelings too.

But beware!

If you continue to allow them to rent your motivation it will likely...

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There is no separation between rehabilitation and training here at TMP

education health Mar 12, 2017

At TMP, our clients really appreciate the fact that they get to feel like athletes and not patients.

Even if they are in a recovery process from pain or injury.

To me, there is no separation between rehabilitation and training.

Everyone, at some point, has pain or limitations.

Everyone starts...

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The number 1 reason it is so hard to create habit change

education Mar 10, 2017

Ever wonder why it's so hard to change?

Look in the mirror.

That's your biggest challenge.

By design!

Your brain is designed to keep you exactly the way that you are.

It's more predictable and safe.

Your brain is masterful when it comes to habit change.

It will get better at whatever you use it...

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The secret to training for speed

Trying to move fast does not always grant you improved speed.

Much of my time working with athletes is based around teaching them control of small movements.

Oftentimes, speed is hiding the need for something else.

When you see abrupt high speed movements during simple athletic drills, it almost...

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Use an assessment so you can eliminate the guessing game

assessments education Feb 24, 2017

You deserve an assessment!

At TMP, people usually find us after they have tried lots of other things that didn't satisfy their needs.

So, I am accustomed to hearing about people's experiences with other stuff.

The one thing that stands out to me over and over again is how much movement is being...

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Understanding chronic pain from a neurological perspective

education pain Feb 21, 2017

The fastest way to create chronic pain is to see 4 or 5 professionals that are unable to help you. 

It sounds strange, I know!

This is research verified too.

This is neurology. This is how the brain works!

Our experiences and how we perceive things plays a very important roll in our health...

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1 very simple way to understand pain that might be visceral (organ) related

education pain Feb 18, 2017


What is your Visceral System?

Think organs!

"The viscera do not have a dedicated pain pathway to the brain. They share sensory neurons with sensory pathways that carry information from the skin and muscles to the brain. This often results in visceral pain being interpreted as skin or...

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Let's start talking about ways to treat pain without painkillers!

education pain Feb 17, 2017

80% of the worlds opioids are used in the USA for pain.

Watch you talk'n bout Willis!!???

Yep, just google it.

Lots of supporting research.

So do you think as a health and fitness professional it could be important to understand how to help people with pain?


So grateful to have ...

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Quotes from our Mentors: Featuring Zhealth Performance Solutions

education pain quotes Feb 16, 2017

A reminder from today's Tphase lecture with Zhealth Performance Solutions.

Your brain, over time, will get better at whatever it does!

Even if it's not good!

"The more severe pain is, the longer it persists and the more likely it is to see the person develop chronic central windup....

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