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The Movement Project & All We Do: Forever in Memory of Corey

our stories Nov 02, 2018

(Video: Corey nailing the jump rope with repetition for the first time. He eventually hit 22 reps!)

Six months after we opened our doors in Acton, MA as The Movement Project, a young man named Corey walked into our space with an IV drip bag draped over his shoulder. He required a 24 hour drip of medication following a successful double lung transplant. 

At the time we were not able to predict how intertwined and even on some levels interdependent we would become. 

Corey was a dream client. He treated every session as the most elite athlete would treat a career-defining athletic event. There were no distractions, no excuses, he was never late, he committed to the process with no rescheduling and did everything we asked him to do outside of his sessions. 

The Movement Project was his sport and we were part of the dream team. 

Corey was a premature baby who struggled with a number of different health issues all his life. The lung transplant was his chance to live a life free from Oxygen support and have independence as an adult who previously required so much loving care around the clock. He has an incredible family who gifted him so much life, love and freedom despite the underlying fear of one day losing him. It's truly the most remarkable relationship we have ever seen. 

It is because of his family's love and support that we were able to spend so much time with Corey. We were able to teach him how to throw and catch a ball, balance on a balance beam, jump rope, juggle and even run - all of the activities we take for granted. The victories we had with Corey were the most satisfying and even life changing wins we will have in our careers. 

He gave us an opportunity to offer the absolute best work we can offer as coaches. An incredible gift to us because our passion, excitement, and knowledge often feels untapped in this world full of misinformation about what it takes to get results.  

During the nearly four years that we worked together, Taylor and I had many discussions of wanting to live in a different location. We were not ever satisfied with our lifestyle here or even with the business we were building. We must have contemplated moving our location 5 or 6 times in 5 years - it was a problem we wanted to solve.

Corey was always part of the discussion. We did not want to move away and lose our opportunity to make an impact on such an incredible soul. 

The day we learned that Corey was not going to make it after battling an infection for months is the day we both knew we would be closing our studio. 

It became so crystal clear that we were here for him and he was here for us that we did not even have to discuss what comes next. 

The Movement Project was for Corey. It was his sport. He gave us purpose. He's the reason we showed up week after week during a time when we were having our own personal struggles with where we wanted to be. 

When you lose a guy like Corey you don't really go back to your daily life the same. You are forever changed. He set the bar so high it is practically out of reach. 

I have no doubt that Corey is watching over us and is pumped about the moves we are making. We had been sharing our plans with him to coach coaches and athletes online and he always grinned with his beautiful smile and said 'coooool' with just as much excitement as we had. 

The Movement Project has retired in Corey's honor, has transformed into KRUSE ELITE in Corey's honor and will continue to make every move going forward with him in mind. 

Closing our doors on our 5th anniversary brings us peace of mind about following our mission in Corey's memory. He showed up every day with a fierce focus on his mission to live a free life and that is how we will continue to show up each day forward. 

About the Author:

Alisha Hale pulls from over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry to provide you with the tools needed to reach your best health.

Alisha is a Personal Trainer and a Board Certified & Licensed Acupuncturist and is particularly passionate about combining Acupuncture and movement coaching to help young women through their pre and post natal journey, fertility challenges, menstrual irregularities, metabolic issues, thyroid problems, pain, asthma, and allergies.

In 2013, she co-founded KRUSE ELITE with boyfriend, Taylor Kruse. Both are dedicated to inspiring people, coaches, and trainers into their best health and performance.




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Practice FIVE Neuro-Performance Drills

Learn why respiration, vision, vestibular, and complex movement integrations are essential tools for every coach!