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Master Balance Training with The Infinity Walk

When Men's Health asked Taylor to contribute his #1 exercise for their Innovation Issue, we immediately chose the exercise we assess with 100% of our clients - The Infinity Walk. This exercise trains balance by working on the visual, vestibular (balance), and proprioceptive (movement) systems all integrated into one, dynamic drill. 

In this guide, you will get access to:

  1. A detailed assessment process: We included an assessment process with a variety of assessment options so you will know the outcome of the drill with 100% certainty!
  2. Full-Instructional Guide on Video & PDF Download: A 10-minute instructional video along with a PDF of a full video transcript as a download to ensure your success!
  3. Progressions from Beginner to Sport-Specific: After hundreds of sessions and reps of this exercise, we know exactly how to guide you through a progression that works!
  4. Questions Answered by Taylor Kruse: following your purchase, you will receive insider tips and support to make sure that you are successfully implementing this drill with your clients and getting the results you are looking for! You can also ask questions regarding this drill in the comments section of your purchase!

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