A 6-month, comprehensive group-guided experience that will teach you the critical thinking skills and tools needed for dismantling pain, moving better and becoming the authority on your own body.


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What do you do when you have pain interfering with your health and performance goals but no place to call home for rehab? 

  • Ever felt too fit or too healthy to receive help, often seeking answers for your concerns from multiple "authorities" only to reach dead end after dead end?
  • Maybe you feel unheard or unseen because your aches and pains aren't significant enough to find solutions in the medical world but are significant enough to prevent you from activities that you love!


  • You're not sure where to go when something just feels off. You're frustrated when you put in the work with very little return on investment. 
  • Or, maybe you've been lucky to find therapeutic modalities that provide temporary relief but as soon as you return to activity, that nagging issue creeps back in and spoils your progress.


This is why we created Neuro Dojo!

The gap that exists between the fitness and rehab world creates an underserved community of people who have the discipline and interest in maintaining fitness but feel there must be a customized approach to suit their needs! If this is you, you are correct! There is a way...

Neuro Dojo is...

a 6-month, small-group coaching experience for individuals seeking clarity and direction on their journey to health through fitness utilizing a neuroscience approach. 

We teach you the critical thinking skills and tools needed for dismantling pain, moving better and becoming the authority on your own body.

Using a health first approach, we combine applied neuroscience and movement. You’ll learn how to target the brain and the body in a way that is specific to your needs.

Do you ever find yourself feeling like...

  • You're trapped in a hamster wheel with injury after injury?
  • You are athletic and resourceful but something is preventing you from reaching your full potential.
  • Everything you've tried almost works for you until it doesn't and then you're back to searching for a better solution.
  • You're disciplined enough to reach your goals but find yourself facing obstacle after obstacle without a clear roadmap with alternate routes?
  • Confused about why a technique or program works for your friend but not for you?

We are all different! We all have different needs.

We have different processes, interests, and goals.

Getting results from any given technique or program is based on the needs of your brain and nervous system.

If it is the wrong approach, your brain won’t pay attention long enough to gain a result.

If your brain decides it’s a threatening activity you might even get a negative result.

When one tool works for you and another doesn’t, it’s because you have a nervous system with specific needs!

You are not crazy. You have a right to be confused and frustrated.

Understanding neuroscience and how to target your individual needs will offer the clarity you seek.

In the Neuro Dojo, we will be diving deep into this concept to discover what drills and exercises work best for you! I will provide you with the information you instinctively are searching for so you can break through barriers and build a body you feel comfortable in to meet the demands of your activities. 


Hello! I am Taylor Kruse.

My journey into being a health and movement coach began as a 15 year old in the basement reading Arnold Schwarzenegger's biography and lifting weights with a bench press that my father found for me at the local transfer station.

I quickly ran out of weights, bench pressing 300lbs before my 16th birthday.

The journey continued and my interest in physical performance grew. I participated in multiple sports, including wrestling at the collegiate level.

I reached an elite level of conditioning but was left to question myself and my resources as I experienced many chronic injuries, which ultimately ended my competitive career.

Fortunately, a special person/coach showed up in my life at exactly the right time. Somehow, he had all the same questions that I had, except he also possessed the answers. This was the beginning of an educational journey that eventually introduced me to what I consider the “paradigm shift," Applied Neuroscience.

Learning about the brain and nervous system gave me tools with unlimited potential and a rationale for the "what" and the “why." And, it solved my chronic pain issues that had previously plagued my athletic career!

Now, I work with clients to improve the connection between their brain and body so that they can better trust, listen to and understand their body as they move through the world more efficiently and pain-free.


Removes the argument about which technique, tool, or program is the best one. Instead, it offers an opportunity to discover and understand what works best for YOU.

Exploring neuroscience allows us to face each obstacle with greater clarity and provides us a roadmap to overcome any issues with greater confidence.

Suddenly, we feel equipped to manage our bodies needs and curious about just how much we can accomplish with these new tools. We may even set goals that once seemed like a dream but now feel like a very real possibility.

Our goals do not have to be confined by our current capabilities, restrictions and obstacles.  Instead, we can rediscover our inherent potential and build on every success step-by-step.

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What's inside the Neuro Dojo?

A 6-month group coaching experience where you will learn:

  • To implement an immediate feedback assessment process to help you identify your nervous systems response to any given exercise
  • You will build your own toolbox of drills that take the brakes off your nervous system and allow you to move with more comfort and ease
  • Strategies for integrating your customized drills into your daily life or training schedule to optimize your results
  • Feel equipped with tools that will help you care for your brain and your body so that you can explore what’s possible for a lifetime

What's Included?

  • 2x/month group coaching calls
  • Messaging Support Monday-Friday
  • Weekly assignments
  • Private Neuro Dojo membership
  • Exercise video tutorials
  • Neuro Dojo Course Manual
  • Lifetime access to updated materials

How does a neuroscience approach work?

The Neuro Dojo takes a holistic approach to health utilizing applied neurology.

The tools you learn will fill the gaps left by one-size-fits-all approaches by identifying your unique experiences and needs.

Our nervous system communicates very clearly and we can learn to interpret the messages. When we learn to listen to our brain we can better support our body.

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Tap into your innate ability to grow and change

Utilizing the power of your brain and nervous system, we offer a holistic approach to overcoming obstacles and improving performance. 

If you are curious about how a neurocentric approach can help you meet your goals, please click the link below to apply. 

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