How long have you struggled to find a solution to your daily aches or mobility restrictions? You keep searching for the next best stretch or the latest tool because you KNOW you can unlock some tension and get stronger. You have the motivation and desire to stay active, but you just can't seem to resolve some nagging issues. That's where we come in!

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A virtual coaching experience that will teach you the critical thinking skills and tools needed for dismantling pain, moving better and becoming the authority on your own body.

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This is your chance to...

become equipped with reliable tools that help you drop tension, gain mobility and overcome nagging injuries once and for all. 

As an athlete and a coach I spent the early part of my career chasing aches and pains. I tried all the protocols and all the tools for myself and my clients but it was always time consuming, confusing and my performance continued to suffer. 
You shouldn't have to spend half a workout stretching just to feel good enough to workout! 
Learning about neuroscience, how the brain and body are wired and how to apply complex theories into a simple physical practice were a game changer! Truthfully, it saved my body and my career. 
Now, I have cultivated a program and a community to pass on the essential exercises that will keep you mobile, strong and doing the things you love at the level of intensity you are capable of. 
And, the best part is you can follow my process to avoid all of the mistakes I made and the time I wasted to fast track your results, become the authority on your own body and continue doing the things you love with greater ease.
Ready to join us?

Are you feeling nagged by your daily aches?

How many of these can you relate to?

  1. You spend way too much time trying to figure out an exercise or a stretch that will resolve the tension you feel, only to end up feeling the same or even worse?
  2. You don't have a clear thought process to determine which exercises make you feel better so you do ALL the things in hopes that something sticks.
  3. You're frustrated when all the experts recommend the same protocol but it doesn't work for you, so now what?
  4. You think your body issues must be too complicated, the result of all the miles you put on your body or you blame yourself for not stretching enough. 
  5. You don't know where to start, you're lost in all the exercise options you see on social media, and you feel more confused as you search for the next best thing. 

"Taylor essentially saved my body, mind and athletic career. I am forever indebted."

"I came to Taylor ready to throw in the towel with chronic pain and constant setbacks after being hit by a car. After getting to work on my "brain pain" with a combination of mobility, breath work and neurology he essentially saved my body, mind and athletic career. I am forever indebted." 

~ Ashley Heller, Spartan Pro Athlete


I am Taylor Kruse.

My journey into being a health and movement coach began as a 15 year old in the basement reading Arnold Schwarzenegger's biography and lifting weights with a bench press that my father found for me at the local transfer station.

I quickly ran out of weights, bench pressing 300lbs before my 16th birthday.

The journey continued and my interest in physical performance grew. I participated in multiple sports, including wrestling at the collegiate level.

I reached an elite level of conditioning but was left to question myself and my resources as I experienced many chronic injuries, which ultimately ended my competitive career.

Fortunately, a special person/coach showed up in my life at exactly the right time. This was the beginning of an educational journey that eventually introduced me to what I consider the “paradigm shift," Applied Neuroscience.

Learning about the brain and nervous system gave me tools with unlimited potential and a rationale for the "what" and the “why." And, it solved my chronic pain issues that had previously plagued my athletic career!

Now, I work with clients to improve the connection between their brain and body so that they can better trust, listen to and understand their body as they move through the world more efficiently and pain-free.


Neuro Dojo

The Neuro Dojo is a virtual coaching experience for individuals seeking clarity and direction on their journey to maintain fitness without the aches and pains.

We teach you the critical thinking skills and tools needed for dismantling pain, moving better and becoming the authority on your own body.

Using a health first approach, we combine applied neuroscience and movement. You’ll learn how to target the brain and the body in a way that is specific to your needs.


Here's what you'll learn...

MONTH 1: Neuroscience 101

What is neuroscience and why are we starting with the brain? We dive deep into your personalized movement assessments to learn how to decrease threat and unlock your potential.

You'll learn our immediate feedback assessment process which will set you up to build your own personalized program. You'll know exactly which exercises are making you better so you can focus your practice and save time for doing the things you love.

MONTH 2: Body Mapping

Learn how to move every joint in your body through a full range of motion so you can feel better from head to toe.

We begin reprogramming your brains maps for movement using specific mobility and motor control drills. These mobility drills begin in month 2 and are sprinkled into every week through the whole 6 month program. 

MONTH 3: Respiration

Learn how to mobilize and stretch your main muscle for breathing, the diaphragm, in order to unlock your spine, strengthen your core and increase your stamina.

Transforming as a person requires that you have adequate fuel capacity for the demand. By learning to train your breathing you'll super charge your chemistry, ignite energy and improve recovery.

MONTH 4: Equilibrium

We'll target the missing link for mastering your body. An introduction to your most sophisticated navigational instrument for balance and body awareness - The Vestibular System.

Learning several exercises to improve your balance and stability will pay huge dividends for your overall posture, will help you drop unwanted tension and improve the way you move through the world. 

MONTH 5: Vision

Your eyes are your dominant sensory tool for moving through the world. By targeting the visual system, we will dismantle pain and make you cognitively and physically a faster human. 

How do vision exercises do this? Vision exercises effect overall muscle tone, resulting in a drop of tension and discomfort. Vision drills effect how you orient and interact with the world, impacting your posture, how you walk and how you feel when we move. 

MONTH 6: Integration

The coordination of our many senses. This is where we assimilate and create. Use your newly developed skills with confidence to freely and intelligently approach your health and fitness in the way that is optimal for your unique needs.

Take your newfound exercises and organize them into a meaningful practice to continue beyond this course. You now have tools to draw on and a reliable assessment process to be sure that you are practicing drills that make you feel better and move better.

How does this sound?

What if you could:
  1. Stop scrolling instagram for the latest exercise or protocol to "fix" your mobility or help "release" your tension.
  2. Be able to customize a protocol for YOUR body that will unlock mobility and help you move with greater ease.
  3. Know exactly which exercises are improving your mobility, making you stronger and restoring your sense of wellbeing.
  4. Become equipped with a process that you depend on no matter the obstacles you face so you can continue to train, exercise and perform up to your standards.
  5. Gain confidence in your ability to tune into your needs and problem solve your issues, while also knowing you have a community to tap into for support through the process.
Yes, I'm in!

Our Story...

When we first started our careers we quickly learned that there are a huge number of people suffering with ongoing tension and aches despite having no clinically diagnosable issue! This gap between the fitness and rehab world was fascinating to us. Back then, the corrective exercise industry was just beginning to emerge. We dove deep into every course available to fix movement dysfunction so that our clients could exercise safely and without pain. We tried all the things from foam rollers to tools that tack and stretch tissue to muscle testing and everything related to understanding fascia. It wasn't until we began courses from a company that specializes in applied neuroscience that we learned to target exercises to every individuals needs. We learned how to understand the role of the brain and nervous system and started seeing immediate results for ourselves and our clients. The key is that we are all different with unique needs and we can teach you a process we follow to customize an approach that works for YOU. 


Removes the argument about which technique, tool, or program is the best one. Instead, it offers an opportunity to discover and understand what works best for YOU.

Exploring neuroscience allows us to face each obstacle with greater clarity and provides us a roadmap to overcome any issues with greater confidence.

Suddenly, we feel equipped to manage our bodies needs and curious about just how much we can accomplish with these new tools. We may even set goals that once seemed like a dream but now feel like a very real possibility.

Our goals do not have to be confined by our current capabilities, restrictions and obstacles.  Instead, we can rediscover our inherent potential and build on every success step-by-step.

What if all you needed was a little guidance?

Let's get you started!




What's Included:

  • Neuro Dojo platform
  • 12 pre-recorded webinars
  • Private dojo community support with opportunity for technique feedback
  • 100+ exercise video tutorials
  • Course manual
  • Templates to build your own program
  • Lifetime access to digital materials
1 Payment of $2400

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Choose a plan that works for you:

3 Monthly Payments of $800
6 Monthly Payments of $400
12 Monthly Payments of $200


If you're like us you've probably tried ALL the things in search of a way to feel better in your body. It's time consuming and discouraging.

We totally get it! You can't take back the time and money spent on dead ends. And, the roller coaster of emotions when you think you've found the next best solution only to discover it wasn't right for you. You're probably wondering how on earth you will have the time to learn a new process and practice new skills. But, that's where we come in! We are here to support you through the discovery process to help you nail down and focus on exercises that make you feel more like you again. We're here to save you time and introduce you to a reliable process that will serve you well beyond the Neuro Dojo.


I have been frustrated with some nagging injuries as an athlete and the tools that Neuro Dojo has provided me helps me to be able to nail down and work on things that I didn't even know contributed to my pain.

My journey with neuro dojo started off to further understanding my body as an athlete and clinician. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and have extensive knowledge of the human body and movement but always eager to learn more.

I have to say that Kruse is a movement genius.

Neuro dojo has completely elevated my knowledge and skills as an athlete.

I highly recommend anyone curious about their body, wanting to up their skills as an athlete, or anyone frustrated with an injury or staleness in training to try out Kruse's information and see for themselves the results. 

~Kaci Monroe


The pain I had in a couple of spots when starting the program subsided considerably.

In the Neuro Dojo I enjoyed learning several mobility, breathing, vestibular, vision and neuro-mechanics drills in a brief period and discovered not only how fast the nervous system reacts to all of them but also how to apply the same testing methods to traditional strength and conditioning training to break through plateaus and approach new exercises/progressions more safely. The pain I had in a couple of spots when starting the program subsided considerably. The coaching calls were a lot of fun and complemented the curriculum material with more theory, practice, and real time feedback from Taylor.

~Taha Hachana


My increase in mobility and strength was surpising to me.

Neuro Dojo has been a big help for me as I am closing in on 60 years of age.  I have worked out my whole life.  It is amazing to see how my body responds to the simple movements.  They weren’t always easy to perform at first.  My increase in mobility and strength was surprising to me. 

Lack of mobility is one of my biggest issues.  Zeroing in on the exercises that give me the most benefit, while working on the others, is making measurable improvements in mobility. 

My balance is also improved.  I had lost the ability to stand on one leg, just stand easily without having to fight it.  My body seems to be connected from head to toe much better. 

This is what I needed so that I can keep working out at a higher level than most my age. 

~Greg Bulgarelli


"The Neuro Dojo was very helpful to work through injuries, aches and pains. 

I enhanced my diagnostic and perceptive abilities and now have the tools moving forward to improve my performance.  

~Kris Mendoza


Finally approach a workout ready to train with confidence and ease!

Here's everything you'll find inside the Neuro Dojo:

Course Roadmap

Map out your path through the Neuro Dojo. We have designed this course with a variety of learning styles in mind. You can Self-Pace through the program in any order you'd like or you can follow our Weekly Structure which covers all of the material over the course of 6 months!

Build your own program

Learn how to customize the experience for your brain and body by learning how to communicate with your nervous system. You'll learn our immediate feedback assessment process so you can be sure that every drill you practice is making you better. Download our templates to organize your practice.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Access 12 pre-recorded webinars that are each 45-60 minutes in length. Taylor coaches you through nearly every exercise in this course with intricate detail and offers many modifications so you can alter each drill for your body.  These webinars coach you through the exercises as if you are in a private session with Taylor.

Assessment Library

Learn how to customize your go-to assessments based on your body and your goals. You can choose from range of motion, balance, positional goals like squats or use our neuro assessments for coordination. We even cover how to identify pain vs. discomfort so you can focus on moves that make you better.

Mobility Library

We introduce you to over 40 mobility drills for joints from head to toe. Learn the ins and outs of moving your joints through a full range of motion with good motor control and common mistakes to avoid. Our mobility drills prep your joints for the daily stress or training stress you encounter on a day to day basis.

Banded Mobility Library

Learn 12 of our favorite ways to strengthen joints through a full range of motion. Band loaded joint mobility will train your joints to handle added load in challenging positions so that when you are training or going about your daily life your joints are prepared to handle the stress!

Breathing Library

Learn 10 breathing drills to mobilize your diaphragm muscle, take stress off your spine and drastically increase your recovery rate. We cover breathing drills that improve your movement as well as drills that effect your chemistry so that you can increase your stamina, boost your energy levels and recover faster. 

Vision/Vestibular Library

Learn 12 exercises for your eyes and inner ear to upgrade your posture, stability and overall muscle tone. Discover how training your master senses can impact strength and get you closer to your movement goals. You may even find that training your sense of balance lessens nagging discomfort! 

Vision Chart Library

Discover how to integrate vision training into a more athletic practice by using our coordination charts. Imagine reading a chart that tells you movements to make. You have to interpret the chart in order to decide which movements to make which brings a reactive element that is more like real life and sport.

Neuromechanic Library

Learn how to gently mobilize the nerves in your body. Nerves need to glide well as they pass through joints on their way to innervate muscles. If they get stuck, tight or even overstretched they can create irritation, discomfort and even weakness. Discover how mobilizing nerves impacts how you feel and move!

As soon as you join

you'll receive instant access to all of these libraries, course downloads and templates! Plus, you can join our private community where you can upload videos to receive feedback on technique, request modifications and dive deeper into educational topics covered in the course.

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Join Our Private Community

We want coaching to be the center feature of this program which is why we decided to offer a private community where you can post a video of your technique and request modifications. You'll never feel lost or unsure of what to do because you can lean on our built in support system.

We are all different! We all have different needs.

We have different processes, interests, and goals.

Getting results from any given technique or program is based on the needs of your brain and nervous system.

If it is the wrong approach, your brain won’t pay attention long enough to gain a result.

If your brain decides it’s a threatening activity you might even get a negative result.

When one tool works for you and another doesn’t, it’s because you have a nervous system with specific needs!

You are not crazy. You have a right to be confused and frustrated.

Understanding neuroscience and how to target your individual needs will offer the clarity you seek.

In the Neuro Dojo, we will be diving deep into this concept to discover what drills and exercises work best for you! I will provide you with the information you instinctively are searching for so you can break through barriers and build a body you feel comfortable in to meet the demands of your activities. 


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What's Included:

  • Neuro Dojo platform
  • 12 pre-recorded webinars
  • Private dojo community support with opportunity for technique feedback
  • 100+ exercise video tutorials
  • Course manual
  • Templates to build your own program
  • Lifetime access to digital materials
1 Payment of $2400

Need a payment plan? We've got you!

Neuro Dojo Payment Plans

3 Monthly Payments of $800
6 Monthly Payments of $400
12 Monthly Payments of $200


Still on the fence?

We get it! With everything going on in the world right now, every dollar you spend needs to feel like an investment. We are happy to chat more to answer your questions and make sure this is the right course for you!

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