Interested in understanding the "why" behind exercise?

  • Are you interested in human performance & physical education?
  • Do you want to learn more about combining movement with neuroscience?
  • Are you new to this concept and wondering what it means to offer brain-based training?
  • Or, maybe you've been introduced to this idea but you are trying to understand how to apply it in a training context.
  • What does vision training mean? What does vestibular training mean? What does proprioceptive training mean?
  • How will training these systems improve my performance?
If you're interested in learning the WHY behind exercise and how to fill the gaps missing in your training, then Neuro Creatives is for you!

Neurocentric training doesn't have to be so hard and time consuming to apply. It can be fun, engaging, and super effective at amplifying your results!


Neuro Creatives is...

designed to give you an exploratory experience that is both educational and practical.

Neuro Creatives utilizes neuroscience education in combination with movement drills so that you can implement new training concepts into your practice for better results. 


This is for you if you are...

  • Looking for a practical and educational experience
  • Open to approaching training through a new lens grounded in neuroscience
  • Looking to learn more about yourself through movement
  • Inspired to move with more creativity

Exercises organized according to our 6 Essential Qualities of Performance

Merge neuro-based concepts with performance qualities to up your movement game

What you get:


  • Video Tutorials
  • Neuroscience Education
  • Assessment Protocols
  • Drills to target your nervous system
  • Sample Training Templates
  • Vision & Coordination Charts
  • Q&A Support


What students are saying...

Alyssa Chang

"Taylor does a great job breaking down very complex topics into into more digestible information. There's always an element of how to do exercises in a more functional, more engaging and more creative way! I would highly recommend this program to anyone out there that is looking to learn a new way of viewing the human body and looking to refine the way you are approaching exercise!"

Hugo Gomes

"I highly recommend the program to everyone who works in the area of physical preparation and rehabilitation. Thank you Taylor and Alisha for so clearly passing along this valuable content with such great didactics!"

Neuro Creatives is rooted in neuroscience so you can feel confident knowing you are:

Neuro Creatives


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