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About our Online Membership

Research shows that people want to move dynamically, breathe well, recover well and train smarter. Our program will give you the tools to stay ahead of industry trends. We push you to learn and provide high quality instruction.

15+ years ago we started our journey through the fitness world and have spent many years trying different modalities that could solve the one problem that kept nagging us as professionals - how do I keep progressing my clients with pain issues or mobility issues or balance issues? We were bored with burpees and lunges and most of our clients were coming in with aches and pains that prevented us from using traditional strength training programs. 

What we learned about human movement has catapulted us into a new realm of training. What we provide in our online membership are several movement templates that target the 6 qualities of movement we have identified to be essential: Mobility, Coordination, Balance, Stamina, Speed and Strength. These exercises are hand-picked by us to solve the problems we had as professionals and we want to shorten the learning curve for you. 

You will learn vision drills, balance drills, respiration training, mobility drills & skills that have a common denominator - learn how to assess, train, and progress these skills based on the individual. What we offer is a more sophisticated brand of training that teaches progressions every individual needs to master whether they are a beginner or a high level athlete. 

A Peak Inside

Our online membership includes private login, personal library, organized lessons, clean video interface, q&a section on every video, and supportive emails.


Here is what you are going to get when you sign up for our online membership with Taylor Kruse!


Full instructional video with Taylor Kruse each week, featuring exercises from 16 years of study with brain-based fitness, Russian physical education, and experience as a Wrestler and Martial Artist. 


We include a bonus education section in the membership which currently has 75 minutes of videos, included as part of your membership! We add to this section each month at no extra cost to encourage out of the box thinking and discussion!

Q & A Taylor Kruse

Comment below every video and Taylor will answer your questions the same day! Ask questions about neurology, programming, or how to make the exercises sport-specific.

This program is for you if...

  • You are constantly searching for ways to improve movement quality and know that each individual in front of you requires an individualized approach. 
  • You see oddities in people's movement skill but don't quite know how to pinpoint the issue or the best possible correction. 
  • You are passionate about upping your coaching game so that you can deliver the best possible results for your clients. 
  • You are relentless about your education but want to save time and money to spend with your family and friends instead of spending long hours and big money on weekend courses. All you need is 10-15 minutes every week to diligently improve your movement toolbox. 

This program is not for you if...

  • You want access to hundreds of videos at one time. We release one video each week for you to devour, practice, and integrate into your training. We find covering one teaching point per week is much more digestible and applicable for coaches and trainers who have limited time to spare between training and family obligations. 
  • You are married to a one-size-fits-all type of programming. We teach a variety of assessments and a variety of different progressions so that you can explore which exercises work best for the person standing in front of you. 
  • If you are interested in only training one movement quality, like strength. We teach strength exercises but we also teach mobility, coordination, balance, stamina, and speed because we think all of these qualities are essential for complete athletic skill. 
  • You want minimal instruction. Our goal with this program is to provide the "why" behind each exercise we teach. We teach what the exercise is good for, common errors, contraindications, and multiple progressions. If you like to think about movement and are interested in quality over quantity, then you'll easily nerd out. But, if you just want a quick fix or a follow-along, this program might be too detailed. 


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With each exercise, we give exact coaching cues and common mistakes so that you can enhance your coaching eye - learn how to see substitutions that take a trained eye to see and coach correctly.


Give us 10 minutes each week and we will give you access to the most sophisticated training resource you've ever had.


The #1 compliment Taylor receives from other coaches and clients is how forward thinking and creative his approach to health and performance is. Not a day goes by that he doesn't create a new and customized exercise for his clients, based on research and experience. 


Join an online membership with engagement that helps you gain more from the experience. 


Each video averages around 10 minutes and is packed with details on how to perfect and progress each drill. As you move through the weeks you gain a number of movement templates that create endless options. 


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EVERY WEEK receive access to a new, full-instructional video with coaching cues, common mistakes, and variations that will take your practice to the next level.


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