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We teach training tools that provide a competitive, brain-based advantage to coaches from 15+ countries across the globe! Vision training, vestibular training, breath training and high quality movement options are all included. 


About our Online Membership

The field of Neuro-Anatomy as it applies to performance is growing fast! The term "brain-based" or "neuro-training" is quickly becoming a popular discussion amongst professionals. But, what does it really mean for performance? And, what do you need to know to out-perform your competitors?

  • "Corrective exercise" is becoming a thing of the past. The conversation is getting smarter. Now, instead of corrective protocols we have real strategies for individualizing improvements in mobility, pain, balance, and movement. It's an approach based on the nervous system, or "neuro-anatomy," rather than structural anatomy. 
  • It used to be that having an assessment protocol in place for every 6 weeks put you ahead of the field. But, neuro-based training requires an assessment of every exercise because that is how fast your nervous system will respond and show you a result. 
  • We now know that making voluntary movement corrections will only take you so far. We understand that movement, posture, and even our internal body processes are either reflexively or autonomically controlled. Train the reflexive piece (sensory systems) and the voluntary actions (motor actions) become much more fluid and ingrained. 

We have spent 15+ years in the health and movement industry navigating through many different systems and filtering through industry trends. What we have learned to be most beneficial, far and away, comes down to understanding some basic neuro-physiology combined with quality movement options specific to the individual in front of us. 

Our goal in this online membership is to introduce you to the concept of brain-based training but we do so in a way that keeps you moving because quality movement is the ultimate goal. 

We integrate these 4 major categories to target the reflexive nature of movement: 

  1. Breath Training
  2. Vision Training
  3. Vestibular (Balance) Training
  4. Quality Movement

And, we insert these 4 categories into traditional movement qualities that we consider to be essential for every individual. The 6 essential movement qualities are:

  1. Mobility
  2. Coordination
  3. Balance
  4. Stamina
  5. Speed
  6. Strength

In our online membership, you will learn vision drills, balance drills, respiration training, dynamic movement drills & skills that target the 6 essential qualities of movement.

On top of that, you learn how to assess, train, and progress these skills based on the individual in front of you. We don't believe in protocols. So, you will not be learning protocols. But, what you will learn, is that every individual in front of you will have a different response to different exercises. And, your assessments and drills will allow you to find the right drill for every person in front of you. 

This is how you solve the question, how do I make this person standing in front of me be the absolute best mover and performer they can be.

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EVERY WEEK receive a NEW video focused on one of the 6 essential qualities of movement and drawing from the 4 Pillars of Performance: Breath Training, Vision Training, Vestibular Training, and Quality Movement!

A Peak Inside

Our online membership includes private login, personal library, organized lessons, clean video interface, q&a section on every video, and supportive emails.


Give us 10 minutes each week and we will give you access to the most sophisticated training resource you've ever had.


The #1 compliment Taylor receives from other coaches and clients is how forward thinking and creative his approach to health and performance is. Not a day goes by that he doesn't create a new and customized exercise for his clients, based on research and experience. 


Join an online membership with engagement that helps you gain more from the experience. 


Each video averages around 10 minutes and is packed with details on how to perfect and progress each drill. As you move through the weeks you gain a number of movement templates that create endless options. 

This program is for you if...

  • You are constantly searching for ways to improve movement quality and know that each individual in front of you requires an individualized approach. 
  • You see oddities in people's movement skill but don't quite know how to pinpoint the issue or the best possible correction. 
  • You are passionate about upping your coaching game so that you can deliver the best possible results for your clients. 
  • You are relentless about your education but want to save time and money to spend with your family and friends instead of spending long hours and big money on weekend courses. All you need is 10-15 minutes every week to diligently improve your movement toolbox. 


Here is what you are going to get when you sign up for our online membership with Taylor Kruse!


Full instructional video with Taylor Kruse each week, featuring exercises from 16 years of study with brain-based fitness, Russian physical education, and experience as a Wrestler and Martial Artist. 


We include a bonus education section in the membership which currently has 75 minutes of videos, included as part of your membership! We add to this section each month at no extra cost to encourage out of the box thinking and discussion!

Q & A Taylor Kruse

Comment below every video and Taylor will answer your questions the same day! Ask questions about neurology, programming, or how to make the exercises sport-specific.

Join me every week!

EVERY WEEK receive a NEW video focused on one of the 6 essential qualities of movement and drawing from the 4 Pillars of Performance: Breath Training, Vision Training, Vestibular Training, and Quality Movement!


We added a major bonus for our online members by creating a members only Facebook Group!!

Engage, Grow, Learn

Join an ever growing community of TOP trainers, coaches, physios, physical therapists, and instructors from across the globe. Now you're not just learning from KRUSE ELITE, you're learning from pros with 15+ years of experience in coaching a number of different athletes and individuals. 


We have movement coaches & health professionals from all over the world in our KRUSE ELITE online membership. See what these coaches have to say:


Alyssa Chang

Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer in Palo Alto, CA

"The coaching program from KRUSE ELITE has helped me diversify a lot of the current drills and movements I am doing with my clients. As a result of that my clients are more engaged, more curious, and they're also learning a lot more...What I probably enjoy the most is being able to communicate with Taylor one-on-one."


Luke Bicknell

Trainer & Gym Owner, Canterbury, England

"Anyone who's thinking about KRUSE ELITE, it's soooo worth it. If you train people with any balance issues, or mobility issues, or pain issues, or movement issues, that's most people, it's been so valuable for me. I really feel rejuvenated in my coaching."


Julie Briggs

Personal Trainer & Movement Coach, Brooklyn, NY

"Taylor is presenting very in depth neurological concepts and he's taking them and packaging them to make them immediately transferable and applicable to your clients. The access to Taylor is pretty incredible. He is a wealth of knowledge, he loves this stuff, he's so accessible, answers questions, responds immediately and it's so encouraging, enlightening, it really just rejuvenates your practice as a coach."


Hugo Gomes

Personal Trainer, Racife, Brazil

"I highly recommend the program to everyone who works in the area of physical preparation and rehabilitation. And to thank Taylor and Alisha for passing so objectively and clearly with a great didactics, this content that is very valuable for those who work in the area of training and rehabilitation."


Lisa Garside

Yoga Teacher & Instructor, Henniker, NH

"I've found it very valuable to have new skills you can't really find other places and that were accessible to absolutely everyone. They're simple, they're easy. They can be done anytime, anywhere so that we can incorporate it in your daily regimen...Increase function of, coordination, balance, and they all have progressions."



Bjorn Poels

Personal Trainer, Limburg, Belgium

"Since this year, I'm following KRUSE ELITE and I'm very happy about it. Nice brain stuff I can immediatley integrate into my trainings. The only thing I hate about KRUSE ELITE is that he is so mobile, so well coordinated, so strong, it's a dream for me. Every week, I look forward to more KRUSE ELITE videos to challenge my own body and the body of my clients."

Join me every week!

EVERY WEEK receive a NEW video focused on one of the 6 essential qualities of movement and drawing from the 4 Pillars of Performance: Breath Training, Vision Training, Vestibular Training, and Quality Movement!


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