Are you ready to move from pain to performance?

At TMP, we believe everybody deserves a right to an individualized assessment. Let's get together and create health and performance outcomes based on YOUR unique potential!



We believe that a person’s health is a very personal experience and that everyone has a deeply rooted desire to live in their best health.


Taylor is a master puzzle solver. Throughout my one hour session with him, my knee pain is gone! The things he has me doing are not what you would think of as a typical workout or training session. I'm so grateful for what he does to help keep me healthy so that I can run!

Exclusive One-on-One training opportunity with: 

  • Comprehensive health history review
  • Programming for daily home-practice
  • Personalized assessment process
  • Progress reports and re-evaluation each week
  • Hand-picked exercises specifically for you
  • A coach who is relentless about your success


Improving my breathing has completely changed my ability to exercise! I no longer have to use my inhaler! Previously, I would have to take a daily inhaler and then an emergency one before and during cardio exercise. I wouldn't be in this place without you guys!


We like to help people sift through conflicting information about what it takes to be healthy and perform at your best.

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Are you ready to reach your best health and performance?

Taylor and Alisha can help you reach your best health and performance with a comprehensive and personalized approach to movement.


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