Exercise Programs

Our exercises are carefully curated to solve common goals and problems that our clients have with both health and performance.

Up Your Game

Basic Bundle

Go all in and start with our 3 most popular, fundamental programs: 

  • Universal Mobility
  • Basic Breathing
  • Ground Elements
$29 BUNDLE | Available Now

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Personalized Coaching

Our clients receive a fully customized coaching experience with direct messaging access, 1 on 1 support, and customized programs put together specifically for each client.

Initial Assessment

Our experience with almost all levels and ages allows us to put together important benchmarks that assess our clients’ unique needs and performance goals. Create your baseline with your own assessment.


Basic Coaching

Get customized programming and a complete support structure provided by experienced coaches to help you reach your goals. Includes: monthly call, personalized workout calendar, video instructions, weekly messaging, personalized metrics, mobile app. 


Premium Coaching

Get everything you would with the basic coaching package, but add in an additional monthly call, full access messaging, submit videos of technique for review and feedback, integrating personalized workout calendar with athletic training schedule, and nutritional consulting. 


Elite Coaching

Get everything you would with the basic and premium coaching packages, but add in two additional monthly calls, sport specific neuro-analysis and programming, custom warm ups and cool downs for pre/post competition, limited digital products and 50% off in store. 


"Biggest gain for me in all the work is the ability to be able to crank out a hard run and have my body be ready for the effort. My soft tissue is ready for the stress because I have the mobility for the stress. I crank out hard runs and walk about unscathed."

Johnny Luna Lima
Elite Athlete

Additional Services

We offer additional services for in person Personal Training or Acupuncture sessions as well as private workshops for local teams and Universities. Enquire within.


Serving New Hampshire in Thornton, Waterville Valley, Plymouth and surrounding communities


Improve athletic performance with these 5 sensory drills

And, learn why respiration, vision, vestibular, and complex movement integrations are essential tools for every coach & athlete!


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