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Transform your education on health and fitness with industry leading pieces on breath training, sports vision, balance training, mobility and how health plays a role in performance. 


Testimonial on improving breathing for asthma management

Here is what one of our favorite people has to say about her experience with TMP! She’s look’n good, isn’t she!! 

“Improving my breathing has completely changed my ability to exercise! I no longer have to use my inhaler! Previously I would have to take a daily...

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Mobility is the new stretching only better

Move your joints! from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


Have you heard? Joint mobility is the new stretching! Why? Because we’re getting smarter!

Here are three ways to instantly decrease brain activation. (I’m being a wise ass!  You don’t want to do this.)

1. Stop moving.


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Myth: All exercise is good for you | Truth: It always depends

Myth: All exercise is good for you.

Truth: It always depends.

This especially holds true when a person is experiencing pain or various limiting factors in their performance.

When I educate our general population of clients, I call pain a health problem.

When I educate my fellow nerds, fitness...

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Understanding the nervous system for training and rehab is critical

All that we are is brain derived.

All forms of training target the brain, whether you recognize it yet or not.

I love teaching this to our clients and students.

Do you have trouble with your squat?

Timing issues with an athletic movement?

Pain during a specific movement?

Balance problems?


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Are you falling through the cracks on pain or performance rehab?

Untitled from Taylor Kruse on Vimeo.


At TMP, we specialize in working with people who typically fall through the cracks when it comes to full rehabilitation from injury or pain.

Did you know that you can be too healthy to receive help from traditional healthcare practices?

We see many...

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How do you own your mobility gains long-term?

People are becoming more educated on the importance of mobility.

The evolution of the health and fitness industry is currently happening faster than ever.

With that, comes an opportunity for some to make a lot of money on people who might not know the truth, yet.

Here is the truth:

We are still...

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The psoas is not as cool as people say it is

The Psoas!

There are actually entire books written on it.

No joke.

There is some interesting information regarding this popular muscle for sure.

But, the educator in me needs to make sure that people don't get distracted by the mysterious explanations of the Psoas.

It doesn't get to be better...

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TMP bridges the gap between modern healthcare and performance

health performance results Aug 28, 2017

Many people discover that they are not sick or broken enough to get help from mainstream healthcare.

These people are usually not given many options.

We have designed TMP to bridge the gap that exists between modern healthcare and performance.

A place where generally healthy people can get...

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What kind of pain are you describing?

There are many different kinds of pain.

Understanding some of the presentations and behaviors that go with pain can help you dial in your client and athlete sessions better!

It can also help you decide if you need to make a referral.

There are two very important presentations that every...

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Celebrating the last day at TMP for this high school athlete!

I call her "MY FAVORITE."

And, it is with mixed emotions that we send her off to school today.

Emmy (my favorite) has been working with us 3.5 years!

TMP has has only been open for 4 years.

So, it is the truth to say that Emmy IS The Movement Project!

We witnessed a transformation in this young...

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