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Testimonial from Alyssa Chang | One of our Monthly Coaching Members!


We are extremely fortunate to have the friendliest coaches, trainers, and athletes as part of our monthly coaching program. Each week Taylor releases a new video, detailing exercises along with education that will take your coaching and performance game to the next level. 

Alyssa Chang, a good friend of ours and also one of our members, shared an awesome testimonial about how Taylor's coaching program is improving her client sessions!

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3 Part Video Series:

Learn How Eye Position Can Instantly Improve Strength & Mobility!

Taylor Kruse leads you through a 3-part series on how to utilize eye position for instant strength and mobility gains, how to assess whether your clients' visual reflexes are working appropriately, and how to correct broken eye reflexes!


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Weekly Mobility Series

Taylor Kruse's Free Mobility Series - full instruction, coaching cues, and common mistakes for every joint in your body! Receive one new mobility drill every week!