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We help disciplined athletes integrate elite performance tools into their daily training regimen so they can perform at a high level, have a longer career, and recover faster. 

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Taylor Kruse was a collegiate Wrestler, a High School Wrestling coach, and is an active BJJ martial artist. He has over 16 years of experience as a coach of athletes at every level. 

Taylor is an expert in training the brain and body for high performance using applied neurology and influences from The Burdenko Method & Z-Health. 

Taylor creates movement interventions that challenge your athletic skill and target your unique neurology with sniper-like precision. 

As an athlete himself, he knows exactly what it feels like to leave practice feeling beat up from the day of training and he is especially equipped with tools to promote faster recovery and get rid of unexplained pain. 

Vision training, vestibular training, breath training, and custom exercises will become your secret weapon. 

He especially loves working with individual sport athletes. In fact, all athletes pictured on this website are athletes Taylor has personally worked with. 

We help disciplined athletes integrate elite performance tools into their daily training regimen so they can perform at a high level, have a longer career, and recover faster.

If you are trying to perform at the highest level in your sport, chances are you are traveling quite a bit and that puts you in charge of your own training. You need to be equipped with all the right tools and resources in the process to keep you performing and recovering at your best. 

You have probably encountered aches and pains along the way - it's part of the job. It can be extremely frustrating to have an incredible drive and athletic discipline only to be stumped by what to do when an obstacle like pain takes you off track. You need the support and resources to know what to do about it. Having to line up appointments for massage, chiropractic, or anything of the like becomes burdensome and only further delays your training program! It also makes you dependent on another person for recovery when there are plenty of tools and resources available to maximize your training schedule. 

Training is about return on investment.

Running around to multiple different practitioners and therapists hoping a single treatment solves your problem is not a good use of time. Let's get you the tools you need that will target your performance needs AND address your aches and pains as part of your daily training regimen!

Taylor is an expert at empowering athletes to solve many of their own issues with the tools he has to offer.  If you know that all you need is someone to tell you exactly what to do to take care of your body so that you can perform well and recover like a professional then you are in the right place. 

Save time and money by investing in a coach who knows how to deal with obstacles that might come up and also train you for your best performance at the same time. 


Online Coaching

An exclusive online experience for disciplined athletes who need to focus their energy on training rather than on creating their own programs. 


Online coaching packages include a minimum of one video coaching call per month for evaluation, reassessment, and review of programming goals. 


We use a software program that is extremely user friendly to program daily routines. Every exercise in your program includes a link to a video with full instructions. You may also send video to Taylor for review and feedback on your performance or send private messages with questions. 


Included as part of your programming you can send messages in response to your workouts or to ask for modifications/progressions based on your assessments. Taylor is in communication with you as much or as little as you request. 

"Taylor understands how the brain and body work better than anyone I’ve ever come across. He takes the time to study your health history and is able to pinpoint what’s wrong with you, then figure out precisely how to fix it. His work is transformative and absolutely unique."

Andreas O.
CrossFit Athlete & Movement Coach

Pricing Options

The first step for all athletes is to apply to be a KRUSE ELITE ATHLETE. Following your application Taylor Kruse will contact you to set up an initial consultation to run a full evaluation and discuss the package options below.

First Consultation


One time

Required before committing to a monthly package

Full Evaluation & Health History

Discussion of athletic demands and goals

Determine which package is the best fit for you!


1 Coaching Call + Monthly Programming



1 Coaching Call/month

Monthly Programming

Personal Video Exercise Library

Weekly Communication


2 Coaching Calls + Monthly Programming



2 Coaching Calls/month

Monthly Programming

Personal Video Exercise Library

Weekly Communication


4 Coaching Calls + Monthly Programming



4 Coaching Calls/month

Monthly Programming

Personal Video Exercise Library

Weekly Communication




If you were to work with us 1 hour/day, 7 days/week in person

it would cost you $3750/MONTH!!

Our lowest package option is a 93% savings compared to working with us for 1 hour every day!

For a fraction of the cost, you will know what to do every day on your own AND have a minimum of 1 online coaching call/month AND unlimited support AND your very own exercise library! 



We value quality over quantity which is why we only have space for 5 ATHLETES PER MONTH. We encourage you to apply today to begin discussion on when you can start with KRUSE ELITE.


Find out what you are truly capable of when we integrate vision, breath, vestibular and other neuro training into your programming. 


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